View from the Trail


While I have always had a passion for art and been interested in creative endeavours I can’t say that I ever took myself seriously until 2010 when I entered one of my paintings into Arts Fest. It was one of the few paintings I had made in the past year. Much to my surprise it was chosen to be part of the Arts Fest Traveling Show and won a scholarship to attend the Toni Onley Artists’ Project in Wells, BC. It was in Wells that I wholly fell in love with art and decided to do a series of landscapes that I had seen in the backcountry, which is initially what this exhibition was all about.

As time went on and paintings and sketches began piling up I realized that there wasn’t a single painting that I hadn’t struggled with some aspect of it. Often I would encounter a problem, have to put the painting away and begin another or work through a difficult part on a different piece before picking up the painting and continuing again. I also noticed the difference and progression in each painting and had to laugh when I looked at the first painting I made in Wells next to the one I had just completed. It was then that it hit me: painting is a journey and the exhibition is the result of that process. It is constantly evolving as the artist experiments, learns new techniques and tries new things both on canvas and in life. A developing person, in which progress can be observed over time, is a pleasant sight. But let’s not forget about entertainment. Spend your time in the best online casino CC TV from Nederland whose ratings are appreciated throughout Europe. They say that work should be fun, but nobody canceled the relaxation.

Initially I had hoped to create a series of paintings all in the same style, nice and uniform and in one pretty package exhibition. What I bring instead is simply my journey as an aspiring artist. It has been several years since attending the course that has changed my life and pointed me in a direction of passion and fulfillment.

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